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Online cursussen Nederlands als vreemde taal
Online courses Dutch as a foreign language      

*** New courses starting soon! ***
Short Introduction Course (5 weeks)
Monday or Wednesday afternoon
Round 1: September-October
Round 2: November-December
(see details below)

☀️➡️➡️ Introduction to Dutch – Language course for (false-)beginners with instructions in English – 10 or 5 week self-study program + weekly online group lesson ⬅️⬅️☀️

Short Introduction Course (Chapters 1-4 in 5 weeks): available now! 
Introduction Course (Chapters 1-8 in 10 weeks): available on request 
Continuation Course (Chapters 9-16 in 10 weeks): available on request 

Also available as in-company courses, adapted to your possibilities and preferences. Contact me for information and prices.

Round: September-October 2022 (5 weeks) 
Group 1: Monday 12:00-14:00, September 19 – October 17
Group 2: Monday 15:00-17:00, September 19 – October 17
Group 3: Wednesday 12:00-14:00 September 21 – October 19
Group 4: Wednesday 15:00-17:00 September 21 – October 19

Round: November-December 2022 (5 weeks) – 

Group 1: Monday 12:00-14:00, November 21 – December 19
Group 2: Monday 15:00-17:00, November 21 – December 19
Group 3: Wednesday 12:00-14:00, November 23 – December 21 
Group 4: Wednesday 15:00-17:00,November 23 – December 21

• Duration: 10 weeks or 5 weeks
weekly 2-hour online lesson (Zoom meeting + shared Google document for notes)
– self-study: minimum of 2 hours per week is recommended
• Price: €200 (10 weeks) or €100 (5 weeks) per person + book ‘Complete Dutch’ (ca. €40  link to shop)   ‘General formative language education’ is exempt from VAT (value added tax)
N.B. The book is also available as an e-book (€3,99  link to shop), but there are some lay-out issues that make it much less user friendly. However it can be convenient to have as a back-up or when travelling.
 Group: 5-8 people per group

Last day for registration: Monday September 12
As soon as the minimum of 5 people has been reached, the course can be confirmed.

How to register: write me an email with your name, and which group you want to join. 
On request: other dates, times, bigger or smaller group size, use of other materials

Subjects / themes chapters 1-4: Introducing yourself and others • Saying where you’re from • Asking people’s names • Asking how people are • Asking what people want to drink • Introducing someone • Talking about your family • Saying which languages you speak  • Saying what nationality you are • Asking and answering questions about accommodation • Talking about the surrounding area • Talking about your living arrangements • chapters 5-8 Asking for things in shops/markets • Saying what you want • Saying how much you want • Using money • Asking for and giving directions • Asking for information • Describing things • Colours • Clothes • Saying whether you like something or not • Asking questions about public transport • Telling the time • Talking about events in the past • Describing places • Talking about the weather     Grammar chapters 1-4: Sentences • Question words •  Je / jij / ik • Negative: nietGa zitten: verbs / • GeenSpreek/spreektTalking about the present: regularTalking about the present: irregularDe nummers 1-20De, het, een When there is more than one (plural)Liggen, zitten, staanMore numbers Possessives: my, your, his/herEr is/zijn PronounsItHoeveel? How much?Formal and informal Modal verbsMoetenLinking sentences: en and maarchapters 5-8: Where does the verb go?Numbers: eerste, tweede, derdeDeze/die + dit/dat AdjectivesBig, bigger, biggest Quick and quicklyTalking about the futureWillenTalking about the past The past participleNo ge-Not so regular Hebben or zijnVerbs of motion

Over mij: [zie Engelse versie hieronder]
About meSaskia was born and raised in Amsterdam. She studied Classical Languages in university, and was a Latin and Dutch grammar tutor to high school students for many years. While living in Italy in 2008, she was asked to teach Dutch to a group of Italians. Back in the Netherlands, she continued teaching Dutch as a foreign language. In the meantime she worked at a bookstore specialized in language study materials, and also as a musician playing in small groups.
     Currently Saskia teaches individual classes and group lessons to both beginners and advanced students, and is continuously working on new ideas and materials. In her lessons, she makes creative use of the different insights and techniques she acquired during her own education and work experience. She likes to pay extra attention to the pronunciation and intonation of the Dutch language

Mijn talen: Nederlands, Engels   
Basis-/passieve kennis: Italiaans, Spaans, Duits, Frans
My languages: Dutch, English   
Basic/passive knowledge: Italian, Spanish, German, French

Email: info@saskiavanasperen.nl
Telefoon / WhatsApp: 06-11056283
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TaalcoachSaskia

Bedrijfsnaam: Saskia Taalbegeleiding
KvK-nummer: 65547667
btw-id: NL001726332B60 

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